About Fabric

You're here because

You want to feel good, look good, and smell good, but you can’t spend the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t, what’s good and what’s harmful.

Starting Fabric

I started Fabric mainly because there wasn’t one clear skincare solution that was clean, simple, and that worked for me. I quickly realized I wasn’t alone.

I assembled a team and together we’ve tested and tried hundreds of skincare products and learned what we like and what works. Through endless iterations we created a minimalist brand with zero confusion and a simple regimen that is easy to adopt.

An upside
down world

The cosmetics and personal care
industries are notorious for charging high premiums that are mostly wasted on branding and marketing.

The abnormally high margins that big beauty brands have been taking advantage of for decades aren’t spent on quality ingredients - in fact, check the ingredient list of any large beauty brand and you’ll likely find chemical based fragrances, parabens and other toxins.

We are changing
all of that

Using the world's most renowned chemists and organic skincare experts, we developed a line of highly efficacious products that work for all skin types.

Our ingredients are amongst the best (and most expensive) ones that can be sourced. We were adamant that even our scent is all natural. After tens of iterations, we found the formulas that are just right. Fabric cuts out the middleman and owns the process from A to Z. The rewards are then passed on to you, our customer.

This is Fabric

The highest quality, clean products (free from harsh chemicals, toxins, and parabens), that provide
great value and are simple to use. With us, you’ll never need dozens of products or a long, invested routine.
Easily implement a new regime with two products and be on your way.

Assaf Sahar, Founder and CEO