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Natural Deodorant

How to use

We want you to smell like a legend, but also deliver natural, aluminum free, long-lasting pit protection. So, here you go.

Roll onto clean and dry underarms.

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Look younger

Healing and anti bacterial

For all skin types

TSA complient

Cruelty free

Toxins free

Gluten free


Confidence comes from strong foundations. A man with unwavering daily rituals never doubts himself. He believes in the power of habit, and the power of deodorant full of clean active ingredients with no harsh chemicals to keep him feeling and smelling his best.


Pine patterned, threads of sage, stitched with sandalwood

Our products are scented with a unique, carefully derived blend of natural essential oils, without potentially harmful synthetic fragrances.



A unique blend of active ingredients, formulated to empower men’s daily rituals. No harsh chemicals

Jojoba Wax
Soothing natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
Centella Asiatica Extract (Tiger Grass)
Soothes and rejuvenates skin


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