Top 5 men skincare products to use daily

What are your daily skincare essentials? Men’s face care doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need to have a cabinet full of serums and creams. A few well-chosen products, working together in concert, can do more good than a dozen mismatched tonics. Here are our top 5 men skincare products to use daily.


Face Wash

A good face wash will cleanse your face without disturbing your skin’s delicate pH balance or stripping all-essential moisture. Your facial cleanser is also your first line of defense against breakouts. Consistent use—a daily, same-time cleanse—can also help your skin regulate its production of oils. We recommend our Honesty Face Wash. This gentle all-natural cleanser will cut through the grime, invigorating your skin while leaving its all-important protective layer intact.


Face Moisturizer

Your morning wash should be followed by face moisturizer: preferably another natural product that does not contain synthetic scents or fragrances. If you’d like to look a little younger, choose a product with hyaluronic acid, a moisture-attracting compound that will fill in those wrinkles and make your skin look fuller and healthier.

A moisturizer that includes anti-oxidants can help protect your skin against unhealthy environmental factors like the sun’s UV rays. We recommend Integrity Face Moisturizer, our signature moisturizer that’s packed full of active ingredients that will get your skin glowing.



There’s a confidence that comes with knowing you not only look good, you also smell good—no matter what kind of sweaty situation you may find yourself in. That’s why deodorant earned its spot on our daily essentials list: your skin might not mind you skipping a day, but your workmates will.

Avoid aluminum-based deodorants: the aluminum compounds and salts in these products actually clog your pores in order to keep the sweat down- not exactly the preferred way to eliminate odors. Aluminum salts can also be absorbed in your bloodstream, where they act as a mild poison. Instead, choose a deodorant with all-natural anti-bacterial compounds that won’t harm your skin. Something like our natural deodorant.



If you spend a significant portion of your day outdoors, protecting your skin from damaging ultraviolet rays is something you don’t want to skimp on. Mineral sunscreens provide the best protection, and have the added benefit of being non-toxic to your skin—unlike more traditional sunscreens. While you’re waiting for Fabric to add sunscreen to our line, Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch or EltaMD UV Sport Sunscreen are reasonable options.


Shaving Cream

If you don’t shave, you can skip this one—but if you do use a razor, pair it with some quality shaving cream to make your morning routine that much more relaxing. A good shaving cream-- like Fabric’s shave cream — can take the work out of your morning shave and lessen the likelihood of razor burn or irritation. Anti-inflammatory oils Finish off with a soothing after-shave like our Authenticity balm.


Summing It Up: Your Daily Skincare Essentials

There you have it: every man’s five daily skincare essentials. Get rid of the excess and fill your bathroom shelf with products you can count on. Skincare was never meant to be complex, and simple routines but straightforward, simple routines can give you new youth and vitality.

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