You’re Not Old, Yet: Top Five Tips for Good Skin in Your Thirties

If you’ve just hit your early thirties, you may be noticing the skin changes that come with your new decade. Your skin is dryer, less elastic. Light wrinkles have appeared were there were none. Your collagen layer is thinning out, and you may notice an unexpected puffiness around your eyes when you wake up in the morning. You probably don’t have a lot of time to spend on skincare, but your face is going to stick with you for the rest of your life, so it’s worth taking little trouble for. Here are our top five recommendations for good skincare in your thirties: habits and rituals that will allow you to keep your youth for many years to come.

Let it Sweat

If you had a chance to pressure-clean your skin pores from the inside out, wouldn’t you take it? Well, you do—if you break out a good sweat! Getting an intense workout in may not be good for your looks in the short-term, but that salty sweat pouring through every single pore in your body is actually really good for you. Dirt, toxins, and many other undesirables are gifted a quick trick out. There’s another benefit to exercise: increased circulation means your skin gets well fed, and you’ll notice a healthy, ruddier glow. Of course, the rest of your body will thank you to.

Avoid Harsh Cleansers

After a good workout, you want to be clean—but the harsh cleansers you could use with impunity when you were younger may be too drying for your skin now. Choose a gentle cleanser that includes moisturizing agents like sodium hyaluronate. Our Honesty Face Wash, included in our men’s skincare essentials face set, provides a deep cleanse while replenishing your skins natural moisture, and may be ideal for you at this period of your life.

Use Cold Water

There’s nothing wrong with steamy baths or washing your face with warm water—and if you’ve got some intense grime going on after a long day outdoors, warmth may be the best thing to melt it all away. For your daily routine, though, nothing beats cold water. Cold water increases blood circulation right under the skin, minimizes pores, and constricts your skin, reducing any puffiness or hints of droopiness you may have had going on.

Avoid Smoke

You know the secret to aging beef jerky: turn up the smoke. As it happens, your skin reacts in exactly the same way. If you’re smoking now, make quitting a priority—unless you appreciate looking twenty years older than you actually are. And if you don’t smoke, watch your company and choose smoke-free waiting rooms or spaces. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to stop if they’re smoking indoors. In most states, smoking indoors is illegal in public places.

Get Your Sleep

Sleep is part if your skincare routine. Nighttime, when you’re fast asleep, is when your body does its repair work, and it’s important that you prioritize your rest. There’s a cycle to it: early in the night, if—and only if—you’re asleep—you get a surge of growth hormone. This happens to be the hormone is essential in stimulating collagen production. The release of growth hormone is followed by intense cell division, which typically peaks around 2 am.

A few all-nighters, in the office and on the town, won’t kill you, but they won’t do you any good either. When you’re filling up your schedule, schedule in that sleep time too. You’ll be glad you did.

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