Keep Your Glow into Your Forties: Five Skincare Tips that Can Slow Down Aging

By the time you reach your forties, you’ve seen it all, and so has your skin. This is the time to get serious about skincare if you haven’t already. Your skin’s regenerative power is decreasing, and it can’t recover from abuse as fast as it used. So decide on some healthy skincare habits, and stick to them. The basic skincare routines and daily rituals you set in place now can make a night and day difference—for the rest of your life.

Vitamin E

This powerful antioxidant can be absorbed right through your skin, and it does wonders when applied topically. When included in a moisturizer, it soaks right into the skin, strengthening the skin barrier, moisturizing, and eliminating free radicals. It also plays an important role in skin restoration and in healing after sunburn. That’s why it’s important to choose skincare products that include this all important vitamin—like those in our men’s face care subscription.

Hydrating Cleansers

In your twenties and thirties a quick wash with water might have been enough, but by the time you reach your forties you want to make sure your cleanser of choice does more than just strip oils from your face. A gentle, high quality cleanser that restores moisture even while it cleans is ideal: for instance, our Honesty Face Wash with jojoba oil and sage extract. You’ll want to wash your face twice a day, although one of those can be a water rinse if you feel your face hasn’t had a chance to get dirty.

Moisturizers Matter

You might have been able to get away without using a moisturizer in your twenties and thirties. By the time you reach forty, it’s almost essential. Your skin is drier, and the more you let it dry out, the likelier you are to see new fine lines and wrinkles appear. Use a high quality such as our Integrity Face Moisturizer, and apply it on clean skin after washing with our men’s face wash.

A Skin Friendly Diet

But skin care isn’t all about what you put on your skin. What’s under your skin is just as important, and your skin is nourished by what you eat everyday. Avoid sugars, caffeine, and alcohol, and work to include fresh vegetables in your diet. Those with a high antioxidant count, like blueberries and tomatoes, are especially good for your skin. When you’re shopping for vegetable oil, sunflower is a great choice—this oil is high in linoleic acid, which reduces skin inflammation and strengthens your skin’s membranes. The less inflamed your skin gets, the less it will show signs of aging. And munch on those carrots, too- they’re full of beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A. Vitamin A happens to be one of the main building blocks of Retin-A, a special compound which helps the skin heal itself.

Stay Consistent

We’ve all done it- that resolution to do better, begin healthy habits, and be a new and improved version of ourselves. We start with the best intentions, and the first few days are high flying. After that, it’s often hit and miss. Skincare resolutions are no different. If you’ve made a skincare resolution, you might keep if up for a few weeks, or till your product runs out. By then you’ve lost your impetus. It’s hard to keep up with complicated procedures and keep half a dozen bottles in stock. And who has room for all that, anyway? We get the problem; we’ve done it ourselves. But the only way to see real results is consistency. That’s why our product is super-routine friendly: two minutes a day that can easily be added to your daily schedule, and a subscription service that delivers refills right to your door when you’re running low on skincare product. Fabric’s skincare face set for men is one resolution you almost can’t fail, and your skin will end up the winner.

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