Skincare Regimen for Male Models

As a male model, your height, weight, clothing size, and looks are your most coveted assets. You do all it takes to maintain your look. From exercising to eating right and sticking to regimens, your life rotates around maintaining yourself for the agency, the camera, and your audience. Whether you are a commercial model or a fashion model, you want your face to glow. After all, it's the first thing most people notice and what your audience fixates on. Skincare routine for male models is the shortcut to flawlessness, looking and feeling younger, and maintaining healthy skin. To achieve these all year round, skincare experts recommend easy-to-use products - like what you find in Fabric’s men’s face care kit. Kits make daily skincare ritual easy to stick to.

What to feature in your skincare regimen

There are two skincare products you should always have:

A gentle face wash.

Deeply hydrating moisturizer.

Some products in the market are anything but gentle on the skin or hydrating. They are harsh. Often, they rip the skin of natural oils, leaving it prone to skin problems—dryness, irritation, infection, and flare-ups. Looking at a product's active ingredients is important. Fabric Skincare products, for instance, have Jojoba Oil which is known to soften skin and give a well-toned complexion, Centella Asiatica extract (tiger grass) for soothing and rejuvenating skin, Sage Extract - an anti-aging component, Hyaluronic Acid which prevents loss of moisture, and Vitamin E - which helps minimize exposure to UV rays. It's therefore safe for daily use and gentle for all skin types. If you are not big on routine, this three-step process will be fine. Make it a daily routine and stick to it. Wash and moisturize the right way. That’s all.

How to wash and hydrate/ moisturize your face

Wet your face with warm water, apply face wash and rub gently. Work the cream to a lather all over your face and neck area to remove all debris—oil, loose dead skin, make-up, and lotions e.g. sunscreen.

Dry your hands and then pat your face with a soft, clean and dry towel but don’t dry your face completely.

Dab your favorite moisturizer on some parts of your face (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and neck) and then work it into your skin in swirling motions, both upward and downward to ensure it evenly gets absorbed into the skin.

Why is a daily skincare regimen so important anyway?

Your skin sheds dead skin every day, it produces oil and comes into contact with free radicals, toxins, germs, chemicals, irritants and other stuff that would probably gross you out if you were to find out. You need to wash it all off your face. To avoid skin trouble, take your skin back to its natural state (hydrated/ moisturized) and create a protective barrier to ensure this moisture gets locked in. Medical experts agree not all moisturizers serve the purpose but there’s a way to choose the best moisturizer. Washing and hydrating / moisturizing is the most basic skincare routine you will ever come across. Luckily, with the right products, this regimen will serve the purpose—maintain healthy glowing skin, delay aging, and keep pesky skin problems at bay.

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