Streamline Your Life: How a Skincare Subscription Provides What You Need

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Everyday, the average man makes 35,000 decisions. No small number. Many of those are barely conscious—do I get up today, or not? Others require careful thought and evaluation of options. But research shows that, as humans, we’ve got a limited decision making capability. After we’ve focused on a certain number of daily choices, decision fatigue kicks in. Our logical thinking skills decrease, and we make subpar selections. We just can’t keep going full steam through that much gunk.

Using Routine to Simplify Your Life

That’s why many high powered entrepreneurs—Steve Jobs, Mike Zuckerberg, for example—take routine so seriously they choose to wear the same thing every day. Eliminating one daily decision may seem a small thing, but it gives your brain that much processing power for what really matters. A never changing wardrobe is not for everyone—in fact, we don’t recommend it. But there are other ways in which you can eliminate nonessential decisions and let your brain be at peak processing when it really counts. What about skincare? Well, we wouldn’t categorize this decision as nonessential. What you put on your face matters. After all, if your skin feels good, you feel good. Your face is the first thing you present to the world every day, and looking good is important. But if figuring out what to put on your face is a daily decision—or even a bi-monthly decision, whenever your current face care product runs out—you are tiring yourself needlessly. The worst part of it is, you’re probably making do with sub-par solutions just because it’s too much work to figure out what’s really best. Your face, exposed to an ever-changing array of questionable chemicals, is definitely not where it should be either.

Why Skincare Matters

An inconsistent skincare regime can actually do long term damage to your skin and leave your pores full of toxic oils and other substances. You need to know that whatever you use on your face is going to actually clean and nourish it, not leave an ever-increasing residue. Here’s our recommendation: do some thorough research, find the best product, and stick with it. You don’t need fancy bottles or long drawn out face treatments. What you do need is a cleanser and moisturizer that is free of synthetic chemicals and fragrances, reliable, and easy to use. A wash and moisturizer which produces clear, clean skin that looks as if a morning dip in Icelandic springs was on your daily routine.

Your Skincare Subscription—The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Well, we feel so sure that Fabric is all that—and much more—that we’ve made our subscription service the cornerstone of our brand. Our subscription allows you to do your research—once. Identify a brand you’ll stick with—once. Make your order—once. And be provided with a constant supply of the only skincare products you’ll ever need—for as long as you could need them. We hope we’ll still be supplying you when you hit seventy. Your face will thank you, and you’ll feel better. The best thing about our products is there is no knowledge necessary; this is a solution that anyone can implement perfectly. Two minutes every morning, and you’re where you want to be. Order a trial skincare kit, and then, when you see what we mean about the difference quality can make, sign up for the skincare subscription box for men. Consistency matters. Routine can be life changing. Let us take care of your skin care, and free yourself up to think about the other things you care about. Because they matter, and with your mind fresh and unfatigued, you’re capable of so much more.

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