Men's Travel Packing Tips

Packing for travel is one of the things you have to do. If most men had a choice, they would travel empty-handed. It’s just that nobody wants to have to make do with everything they are not familiar with—face wash, shampoo, etc. Worse, to remember midflight they've forgotten something from their hiking gear… sunscreen while in a safari car heading to the campsite… or camera while heading to a scenic location.

But hey, it’s possible to pack all you need and even have some space left for gifts and souvenirs! You can also pack for a long holiday without crossing the excess weight mark where you’re forced to toss out some stuff or pay the excess weight fee at the airport… With good planning, you will actually love packing your bags for any destination and occasion. Here are our favorite genius packing tips…

Start with toiletries

Toothbrush, floss, tooth cleaner, nail clippers, hairbrush, bathing towel, bath sponge, shaving blade and lubricant, deodorant… all of that. Buy sample size e.g. an essential skincare kit for men, put them in a small toiletries bag and it won’t matter what soap your hotel room will be having (especially if you have sensitive skin, have allergies, etc.)

Pack for your skincare routine

If you have to forget something, let it not be one of the face care products you need for a daily skincare regimen. This is particularly important because you will be away from your normal climate, exposed to new things in the environment and on your skin.

It's not the time to try out new products risking a flare-up, or worse, neglect your skin. Stay on top of it by carrying on with your skincare routine as usual.

If you must try something new, go for products that have clean and safe ingredients and are meant for sensitive skin.

For an easy time with TSA, pack liquid products in a clear one quart-sized bag and, ensure each sample size bottle is 3.4 ounces or less.

Be keen on the arrangement

When packing, start with heavy items, followed by clothes, and then things that you are likely to need on arrival. If you can get packing cubes, the better. You will save more space and your suitcase or bag will be well organized.

Pack for emergencies

It’s not necessary to bring a whole kit but depending on where you are going, pack what you might need if things don’t go as scheduled or an accident happens. Keep it basic though.

For example, carry a scarf or lightweight shawl, in case you get cold during a flight, medication for allergies, a painkiller, and basic first aid tools.

Pick ‘one of each first or at a time’

The easiest way to fill your bag up is packing sets of items e.g. 5 T-shirts, 5 pairs of pants, 5 pairs of shorts, etc. You will pack more than you need. Instead, if for instance, you are traveling for holidays to a coastal destination, pack two pairs of swimsuits or even one, and sets of clothes for each day, but eliminating what can be worn twice or washed.

Carry two laundry bags – one for dark clothes and another for clothes with light colors. If you are best friends with laundry, get travel-friendly clothing, particularly, the wash-and-wear clothing. You will travel lighter.

And, DON’T fold clothes. Save space by rolling them.

Have a ‘need vs. want list’

Overpacking is uncomfortable and under packing, inconveniencing. Neither of these situations is favorable, especially to a traveler because it might ruin the whole experience. The million-dollar question is: What do I need to pack and what do I want to pack? This question could cut your baggage into half.

Place your basic items first, followed by the necessary ones, and then limit the number of stuff you just like having with you.

Prioritize needs over wants and you’ll save yourself the hassle of dragging a heavy suitcase, full of things you thought you will need but end up not needing.

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