Men's Skincare Winter Tips

Finally . . . the holidays are here! Snow is falling, fashionable boots and coats are out, and coffee calls you by your first name every half hour.

You can handle the cold but with the pesky facial skin problems winter brings, it’s really hard to speak for your skin.

In the past, men suffered silently, waiting winter out with dry facial skin and chapped lips. The lot that got to enjoy winter had something close to today’s men's skincare kit. But as you would expect, most were neither as specially formulated nor readily available.

This was until skincare companies started formulating and introducing products that take care of men’s skin needs for every season, including winter. Products are not enough without some tips though. You need winter skincare tips to triumph against the elements.

10 Winter Skincare Tips

From keeping facial skin hydrated to protecting it from UV rays, getting enough sleep, eating and drinking right, and choosing the best winter regimen for your skin type, these tips will help you keep your skin soft, supple and healthy in winter:

Get a good humidifier - Increasing moisture levels in your home will keep your skin from getting dehydrated. Turn it on!

Customize your skincare regimen for winter – First, make cream-based cleansers and moisturizers your best friends. Second, apply little to no toners if you must. Third, if you use astringents, shelve them because the alcohol they contain will dry your skin. And finally, to help your skin retain its natural oils, limit the use of products with unnatural fragrances.

Avoid hot showers – Giving up your steaming hot showers might be a tall order in winter but a 5-10 minute lukewarm shower is what you need in winter to retain moisture. After that, pamper your skin by applying good body oil. Note: this also applies to skincare in the rainy season.

Cover up – You might be a knight in shining amour when it comes to braving the biting winter cold, wind, and snow, but for your skin's sake… cover yourself up.

Use a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen everyday – It's easy to assume you can get away with not slathering on your sunscreen every two hours on a cloudy dreary winter day; after all the sun is out of sight but that's inaccurate. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, "Snow reflects up to 80 percent of sun's rays on bright winter days." And, UV rays attack your skin, too. It's easier to get sunburned fast because your skin is mostly weak in winter (irritated, dry, etc.)

Drink more fluids – For better hydration, increase your fluid intake. As long as it’s a healthy drink—plain water, organic fruit juice, and fruit-infused water are all good options. Experts advise if you are 100 pounds, drink 50 ounces of water every day.

Physical exercise – winter makes couch potatoes out of many people—you just want to ensconce yourself on the sofa with a huge steaming mug of white chocolate. It takes a lot of willpower to change into sportswear and exercise, even at home. However, when you break that barrier, you help your skin lose toxins, open up pores, and receive more blood. Add this to the benefits of physical exercise on your mind and body, and you’ll be motivated to leave the couch.

Do exfoliate – It looks like a good idea to slather on a generous amount of your favorite moisturizer or serum when you notice your skin is dry but it’s not. You need to exfoliate to help your skin absorb any of it. Applying moisturizer on dead skin is a waste.

Eat right – Eat foods and drinks that hydrate your body. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and omega-6 and omega-3 rich foods. Why? Nothing beats moisturizing from inside out… Read more about what you should eat for a better skin.

Wear Nonirritating Clothes – to avoid dry, itchy and irritated skin, put on some soft, breathable clothing (especially cotton) before piling on layers of woolen clothing and other irritating fabrics.

Last word…

You don’t have to stay indoors all winter to avoid skin problems. You can venture outdoors to appreciate the magnificence of snowfall and the beauty of icicles and snowflakes without having to compromise the health and state of your skin. All you need to do is make a few adjustments and live by these tips we’ve shared with you.

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