Men Facial Skincare Routine: Tips for an Effortless Regimen

Get Your Manly Groove On with our Daily Skincare Routine

Routine isn’t the most thrilling word. It conjures up the notion of a repetitive bore, something you do over and over again – and in most cases, it’s against your will. However, considering we create many of our routines on our own, not all of them are completely dull. Tuesday night basketball is a great weekly routine, so is Sunday afternoon wine with the missus. Listening to a podcast with your morning coffee – that’s also a routine, as is your daily shower. As you can see, routines aren’t always so bad. A man‘s skincare routine can be surprisingly quick & painless. We’ve made sure it is. We know our target audience and we know how to please them. Simple instructions, swift execution, effective results. What more can you ask for?

#1 Make Skincare a Part of Your Daily Routine

There’s no way around it. Every day, your facial skin’s cells and pores are exposed to harmful agents, both externally and internally. Your facial skin needs daily nourishment, protection and moisturization. By taking a few simple steps to create a daily skincare routine, you can build a strong foundation that will fight against these damaging elements.

#2 The Core is Just Washing Your Face and Moisturize After

‘Skincare’ may sound cumbersome and demanding, but it really isn’t. It’s just slightly changing the way you wash your face. The base is washing your face - no expensive creams nor fussy masks. You should always wash your face with a face wash. It may seem obvious, but some of us can’t seem to break the habit of using our body wash as a two-in-one product. While it may be tempting, regular body wash isn’t formulated for this more sensitive area of your body – it will just cause dryness to your facial skin. Whether you wash your face in the shower or at the sink, once or twice daily – that’s up to you. Twice is obviously preferable to once, but once is exceedingly better than zero. So set aside the body wash, and say hello face wash. After you wash your face, you simply need to layer on a moisturizer – and that is all that is needed for an effective skincare regimen.

#3 Why It’s Important to Moisturize After Cleansing

Cleansing your face with a face wash helps to get rid of dirt and grime from your skin, but it also removes essential moisture from the skin. A moisturizer ‘gives back’ the lost moisture, helping retain the skin’s natural hydration and create a protective layer in the skin’s barrier to ‘seal’ that moisture in. The accumulative effect of using a moisturizer daily is essential for achieving healthy, hydrated facial skin.

If you’re wondering about the overall benefits of caring for your facial skin, check out our post The Importance of Skin Care for Men.

#4 The Standard Set for an Effortless Facial Skincare Routine

You get it by now – cleanse & moisturize, wash & hydrate – that’s the simple truth of an effective facial skincare regimen. As we’ve already mentioned, you can decide on a once or twice daily facial skincare routine. What’s crucial is to follow the two steps on a consistent basis .

The Honesty Face Wash

Simple but powerful. Wash your face with warm water. Apply the Honesty Face Wash into your hands and lather for a few seconds. Apply to face and neck in a circular motion, covering all the nooks and crannies. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

The Integrity Face Moisturizer

Even simpler and faster. Apply the Integrity Face Moisturizer into dry hands and spread evenly. Massage gently to face and neck and you’re all set.

The Standard Set – Get It Now

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