Is Daily Shaving Good for You?

You’ve probably wondered more than once, standing there with your razor for the one billion thirteenth time. Is daily shaving good for you? Your father did it, your grandfather did it, maybe your job requires it. So you grit your teeth and deal with nicks and scratches and razor burn, and present a clean, freshly shaved face to the world every day. You’re someone who has got daily hygiene down stat, anyway.

But is daily shaving really good for you? Does flawless grooming necessarily need to include a stubble-free face, or is a little overnight growth compatible with a good skincare routine?


Daily Routine or Take a Break

As it turns out, shaving every day is pretty harsh on your skin. When you shave, you’re not just removing those ever-growing hairs, you’re also taking off the top layer of your skin: the dead cells that are dormant there on your cheek. Looking at it from another perspective: shaving is just another way to exfoliate. But exfoliating every day is too much of a good thing, and will leave you raw and red. Removing a layer of skin every morning leaves what’s left behind vulnerable and unprotected.

This over-aggressive skin scraping is what causes the razor rash and skin irritation you may be experiencing. Your daily shave can also cause you to be more prone to ingrown hairs and razor bumps: not a good thing.


If the Choice Is Yours…

Our recommendation? If you’ve got the luxury of choice, space it out to every two or three days. Then, when you do shave, use high-quality shaving cream to minimize irritation and razor burn. We feel completely confident in recommending Fabric’s own luxuriant shaving cream, Patience. Not only does this shaving cream provide the smooth, cooling froth that allows your razor to slide smoothly over your cheek, it also includes anti-inflammatory agents that soothe your skin and decrease irritation. Aftershave balm can restore moisture and nutrition to your skin, helping to reinstate a healthy top layer.

You can also choose to use a beard trimmer rather than a traditional razor. It’ll cut your hair the tiniest fraction of an inch above skin level, so you won’t end up quite as baby-cheek smooth as if you’d used a razor. You get to skip all the skin irritation, though, and the process is quicker. And you might decide you look better that way anyway. A stubbly, more natural look is in these days.


Daily Shaves = Gentler Shaves

If you do need to shave daily— job requirements or personal aesthetics may eliminate other options – our shaving set is that much more important. It can be tempting to cut corners when you have to do it, but trust us, when you’re shaving daily is when you need to be most vigilant about doing it right.

Make up for the extra harshness on your skin by shaving gently, staying with the grain, and investing in a constant supply of everything you need to make your shaving routine torture-free. Sharp blades are important to minimize scraping, and if you use a cartridge shaver you’ll want to make sure it stays at peak performance.

Don’t skimp on men's skincare products, either. Your skin, sensitized by repeated exfoliations, will soak up the extra nutrition and protection we provide in our aftershave balm. Our men’s skincare sets include a shave set that you can buy on subscription, eliminating one extra thing to worry about. Doing a dry shave because you’ve run out of products is something that shouldn’t have to happen.

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