Why a Good Night Sleep is Important for Your Facial Skin

Why Do Men Need to Care for Their Facial Skin

Who said men are exempted from skincare routines? Truth is, men’s facial skin needs care too. Every man’s face deserves a good wash and some moisturizing with the best-formulated skincare products every morning and evening to keep it clean, healthy, and well-hydrated. And, men need beauty sleep, too!

Sleep, as part of the skincare routine? Yes…

Sound sleep is more vital to your skin than you know. Matter of fact, since researchers discovered a connection between sleep and skin aging, and between sleep and skincare, experts have been confidently advising you need sleep for healthy skin.

When we hear the words ‘body organ', our minds race to heart, kidney, lungs, and such, but rarely the skin. We know how to take care of all these organs, too but for some reason, we ignore skin; our biggest body organ and unfortunately, the one that's most predisposed to harm by both internal and external factors.

As you take care of your heart by jogging, kidney by drinking eight glasses of water every day, and lungs by improving the quality of your indoor air, remember your skin—especially facial skin needs some tender loving care.

The good news is, a good skincare routine coupled with good night' sleep every end of the day is sometimes all it takes to keep your biggest organ in perfect condition, and of course to maintain your great youthful look longer.

Five reasons to sleep and how it helps your facial skin

Not convinced you need to hit the sack early every day? Here’s a list of five reasons that will bring visible transformation to your facial skin within a week:

Skin Repair When you sleep, your body cells undergo repair, rejuvenation, and reenergizing. Conversely, depriving yourself of sleep takes away this opportunity. You age faster if you don’t sleep. This explains the dark circles around your eyes, the crow’s feet, sagging eyelids, and pale skin. Sleeping, experts say, gives the skin time to repair after exposure to the elements.

Increased blood flow Blood gives life to every body organ, including the skin. While all the other organs have an almost constant supply of blood throughout, more blood flows to your skin when you sleep. That means two things: this organ, skin, receives nutrients and, a better supply of oxygen during sleep. The more you sleep, the more of these it receives.

Collagen replacement Collagen is the skin's major structural protein. It's responsible for holding your body together and as such, the main protein that promotes your skins' elasticity. It rebuilds during sleep, smoothing out wrinkles and reducing age spots. When you sleep, you allow this rejuvenation to take place naturally.

Facial muscle relaxation Sleep works better for facial muscle relaxation when you massage your face and try to sleep when your body is relaxed (not stressed and tense). This allows better blood flow and eases tension from the areas where tension shows on your face—eyes, forehead, and jaws.

Allow skin to “breathe” Contrary to what most people believe, the skin does not breathe. It's the layers beneath that receive oxygen and nutrients. That said, your skin enjoys time without oil, chemicals, and allergens. Clearing your pores and leaving them unclogged through the night helps fight acne and keeps your skin looking fresh. It's not in vain!

Over to you!

Now you know the connection between sound sleep and healthy facial skin. For the best outcome, maintain a good skincare routine - try our men’s skincare face set, prepare your body for bed appropriately, and make your sleep restful.

If you have more reasons or a question as to why sleep is so vital, engage us in the comment section.

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