5 Men's Skincare Myths Debunked

You’ve heard more skincare advice than you can shake a stick at, and half of it may be contradictory. When it comes to men’s face care, it’s hard to know who to believe, and skincare myths abound.  But with acne, irritation, and early aging all in the bag of penalties for an unwitting misstep, this is one area you’ll want to do your research and check who’s right.


1. Men Don’t Need Skincare

Here’s one myth that is almost ubiquitous: men don’t need skincare. The ladies will spend hours in front of the mirror, putting on makeup, taking off makeup, using moisturizers and serums and eye creams and masks. As men, we don’t have time for that kind of nonsense. A morning splash with cold water might be all you do, and your skin looks well enough for it.

But does that mean you can dispense with skincare? Actually, not. There’s a lot of wear and tear involved with normal, everyday life, and your face shouldn’t be the victim. You wouldn’t drive a car without keeping the oil and radiator fluid-filled, and neither should you force your face to run on empty.

A good moisturizer not only provides the moisture your skin needs for optimal elasticity and performance, it also provides protection from the anti-oxidants that attack your body throughout the day. Fabric skincare also provides restorative compounds that enable your skin to heal itself even as you go about your day.

You don’t want to wake up one day and find you look twenty years older than your birth certificate says you are. Take care of your skin now, and it’ll serve you well as it ages.


2. Skincare products do more harm than good.

This is a tricky one because whether it is true or false depends on the products you are talking about. The truth is, the wrong skincare products can easily do more harm than good. They can trigger acne, spark eczema, and leave your skin rougher and more irritated than when you started. What’s more, the toxins in some skincare products can actually seep in under your skin and affect your lungs, your liver, and even your productive system.

To avoid that, choose all-natural products from a company you trust. Like Fabric. We’re serious about our commitment to honest, wholesome recipes that leave your skin nourished, protected, and restored: no toxins anywhere.


3. Hot Showers Are Good for Your Skin

A hot shower can be deeply relaxing, and near-scalding temperatures are the preferred way for many men to clean up after a dirty, grim day on the job. Dishes get cleanest in piping hot water, and it makes sense your skin would too.

But it turns out that though a hot steamy shower does make you clean, it does more than that. The hot water cleans out the moisturizing oils that form a protective barrier on your skin, and the heat in the air actually sucks up the hydration deep in your cells and causes it to evaporate in a manner—think perspiration, just a little more intense.

So don’t make sauna-style heat a daily habit. For your everyday shower, you’ll be better off if you tone down the heat and wash up in luke-warm water. When you do decide to put the hot water on full blast, use a good body moisturizer afterward.


4. Men and Women Should Use the Same Skincare Products

It’s a lot easier to grab that face cream from your girlfriend’s shelf than to buy a new bottle just for you, and you may find yourself wondering:  Are men and women’s skincare products just another gimmick to make us buy more? Any good reason why I can’t use her stuff

Go ahead and use it in a pinch; it’s not going to turn to poison just because you’re the wrong gender. But it won’t be ideal for your skin either.  The fact is, male skin and female skin are two different animals. Our skin is 25% thicker, and it’s tougher and oilier. There’s more bloodflow beneath male skin, and it doesn’t go through the same hormonal variations as women’s skin does.

Using that women’s moisturizer won’t kill you, but if you want to do the best thing by your skin, choose a product that’s actually formulated for skin just like yours.


5. Parabens in Skincare Products Are Okay

You’ll see articles on how parabens are okay for you, and they usually point to one single reason. They haven’t been proven to cause cancer. It’s true, they haven’t. Unfortunately, parabens in skincare products have been proven to cause a whole lot of other problems. For instance, they are endocrine disrupters, playing games with your reproductive system and messing up your hormonal balance. It’s not pretty. 

There’s nothing complicated about men’s skincare, but it pays to do it right. Go with a brand you can trust—a brand like Fabric, and give your skin the protection, nourishment and rejuvenation it needs to be its best.


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