5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Son

You would give him the world if you could. That's what makes giving a Christmas gift your son such a hard task every year. If he is young, he wants everything, and if he is older, his taste has evolved—you don't have an idea what’s cool to him and what’s not. While it’s hard to keep up with that… some gifts are timeless, some come from one heart to another and, some are just genius. What’s going to be in that box or envelope this Christmas? As long as you have a rough idea about your son, then you know which one of these unique gifts will warm his heart:


The beauty of a subscription is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving. A good example is a men’s skincare subscription. All that’s required for a delivery every two months for a whole year is his address. This is more than a gift. It’s an opportunity to give your son healthy skin and probably teach him a few lessons about commitment (sticking to the course, especially if he is younger). A man who takes care of himself can be trusted with the welfare of others. And this can start with skincare routine. It’s simple but quite a challenge to many…

Align with his next year’s goal(s)

This works best if you source for hints from him. Like, “What’s your goal, son?” what would be better than helping him achieve his dream or supporting him? We can’t think of a better thoughtful gift. If his goal is to shed some pounds, get a gift of something that will motivate him to go for it. While it will plant a huge smile on his face the entire Christmas, you (and your sweet message) will play a role in making his life better.

Ticket to a Concert/ Theater/ Sports

Sometimes, it’s the small things that count. You could give yourself a hard time looking for the perfect gift when your easy-going, fan-of-something would be perfectly okay with a ticket. If you have been splurging on expensive and sophisticated gifts the past years, stop and get something close to his heart this year. For instance, grab two or three tickets to anything he loves. It would be nice to be by his side too or have him invite his favorite person (girlfriend, wife, best friend, etc.) to watch that game or movie or to attend the concert.


There are special gifts and then there is this—an out-of-the-box gift that will create memories he will carry with him for the rest of his life. This gift might give him the best day of his life, especially if he loves his job so much that he has probably gone for years without a break. A younger son will go on and on about such a trip, too. Other best tickets would be for a weekend of adventure. That could be extreme water sports or skydiving adventure, a survival training course, a whitewater rafting trip, and such. If you can make it a first-time-thing, the better…

Personal development course

The world quickly moved from typical classrooms to conference rooms with 'teachers' who teach not from books, but the pages of real life. They feature awesome masterclasses that may transform your son's life. Does he have a favorite author? Speaker? Trainer? There are courses like tae-kwon-ndo, karate, and such, which your son might be interested in too. Paying for your son's favorite would mean something to him.

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