5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband

It’s that time again—you want to pick a gift your husband will cherish for a long time but you have no idea where to start. He is picky or has good taste, meaning you can’t just grab something from the men’s section and run. You have to consider his likes or interests, favorite color, design preferences, current obsessions, brand loyalty, and such. Taste varies from one man to another but it’s still possible to pick a gift that will impress your husband and fetch a priceless reaction. This is because men tend to agree on a couple of items. It’s hard to go wrong with them. The good news is you don’t necessarily need to rob the bank to afford them and, all you need to know is what he needs this Christmas. Is it something functional, playful, personalized, of sentimental value, or what? From a man to you, these are the best Christmas gift ideas for husband this year:

Subscription - a gift that keeps on giving

You can wrap a special gift, surprise your man, and put a priceless look on his cute face but the question is “How long before it becomes just one of his possessions? Before it fades, wears out, goes out of fashion, or becomes obsolete?” Try subscriptions e.g. skincare subscriptions where he gets a year’s supply of great products—deodorant, shave cream, body wash, face wash and moisturizer every two months. Skincare for men is not just for beauty. It’s a healthy routine, making this quite a thoughtful Christmas gift, don’t you think?

Useful gift – a gift he needs

These are gifts that scream “I know you and I got you!” Gifts that can only be picked by someone who really cares. A good example is getting him a set of items with UV protection if he loves outdoors or spends most of his time out there. He will be reminded of your love for him—even on days when he is mad at you—because your thoughtful gift will be on him everywhere he goes. Sunscreen, sun mask, UV protection sunglasses, sun sleeves, and such.

Care for the one he loves

As a kid, he might have received a pup over Christmas and it changed his life. Now, his life rotates around Fido his best friend, you - of course, and maybe football. The way to such a man’s heart is NOT food… It’s Fido. So, even if you are a cat person, get Fido a thoughtful gift. It could be something that helps Fido have a better life e.g. sun protection suit for dogs, something that keeps him safe like a GPS tracker, or a unique toy that your husband and his furry friend can play with to make their time together more fun. Gifts like these, to dog lovers, come from the best wives. So yes, Fido will love it and your husband will love you more for it.

Gifts that match his likes, interests, or passion

It's common to pick a sports club jersey for big fans and, it always attracts the same euphoric reaction. But… how often do people consider others' seemingly mundane interests? If your husband loves entertaining guests, for instance, go for a gift that will make his work as a host easier, give him the option of hosting or working from outside, and such. From cheeseboards to a set of knives, UV tents and umbrellas, a wall-mounted bottle opener, rustic wine bottle opener, an engraved set of cutlery meant for him and his friends, games like Jenga and, Cards Against Humanity - “a party game for horrible people”. You can use the same thought pattern to arrive at a gift for your husband based on a different interest or passion.

Personalized gifts

If he’s as awesome as we suspect, go out of your way to get him a personalized gift. There is no limit to what you can get under this category. Whatever it is, personalize it with an engraving, secret message, monogram, print, and such. Think cufflinks, wallet, bottle opener, dog tag, keyring, desk organizer, fountain pen, Swiss knife, beer holder, etc. Better yet, have something custom made for him.

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